Surprise Landscape in the FallFall is a beautiful time of year in Surprise, AZ, but it's also a time when it's essential to take care of your plants and trees. One way to take care of your plants and save money is by using less water.

Watering less in the fall will help the trees and plants stay healthy and resist disease. It will also help the trees and plants better prepare for winter, with less risk of damage from frost or freeze.

It also means changing your landscape watering schedule for Surprise AZ is time. Fall weather is cooler, so you should use less water.

A well-maintained lawn will require less water than an unmaintained lawn during fall because the grass will be dormant and less susceptible to drought stress. Water your lawn only if it appears dry or if you notice signs of weeds or pests.

Remember to go out and maintain and repair in the cooler weather. In addition to watering less, you can also fix any damage that may have occurred over the summer months and maintain your property for winter weather conditions.

Fall is a great time to do some maintenance on your water system. It's when you can take care of all the things you couldn't do in the summer months. Consider adding some water-saving measures such as water-efficient landscaping or timers that rain delay, which are an essential part of saving water and money.