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It's likely you haven't heard about real estate in Happy Jack AZ or anything else about the town for that matter. But, that's a good thing. The tiny town up on the Mogollon Rim is the best-kept secret in the entire state. If you truly want to escape the rat race, you'll find your joy in Happy Jack.

Nestled among the ponderosa pine, the oddly-named town began as a logging camp back in 1947. Logging ceased 30-years later, and the town went through a number of changes in the 1970s. But, Happy Jack proved it was too tough to die. Today, it's a premier destination for escaping the summer heat.


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Happy Jack is around 40-miles south of Flagstaff, and 40-miles southeast of Sedona. But, despite this town's isolation, things get busy in the summer. Quad racing, fishing, boating, and good times around a campfire make life in Happy Jack truly fulfilling.

If the simple life appeals to you, a home in Happy Jack AZ could be in your future.

Lake Life in Happy Jack AZ

Happy Jack is a great place to live in Arizona
There are three lakes very close to Happy Jack, Tremaine Lake, Long Lake, and Soldier's Annex Lake. Go a little further, and you'll find even more lakes, such as Stoneman Lake and Mormon Lake.

If you enjoy passing the day angling for trout, bass, pike, perch, catfish, and bluegill, you'll enjoy life in Happy Jack.

But, fishing isn't the only thing to do at the lakes around Happy Jack; the lakes are also prime spots for wildlife and bird watching. This is where herds of elk, deer, and pronghorn antelope come to drink. You may also spot bald eagles and ospreys diving into the lakes to catch fish.

Finally, people take to the lakes to spend the weekend picnicking, kayaking, and paddleboarding. It's the simple pleasures of sparkling water and sunshine that make lake life in Happy Jack so appealing.

Off-roading in Happy Jack

Riding the trails around Happy Jack has to be the number one thing people here love to do. Just about every weekend during the summer, quads, and side-by-sides are buzzing along the numerous trails through the forest and along the rim.

One OHV trail you'll have to try is the 90-mile round trip Happy Jack to Camp Verde Loop. Be sure to pack plenty of water and food, because you'll be out all day. You'll go from the cool mountains down to the high desert, and back again. It's best to do the loop during the spring and fall, to avoid the heat around Camp Verde. You'll traverse all kinds of terrain, making for a very interesting ride.


Off-roading fun doesn't stop in Happy Jack once snow covers the mountains. Winter is the time to trade in your quad for a snowmobile. If you love off-roading of all kinds, you'll enjoy the trails around Happy Jack AZ.

Hiking, Mountain Biking, Skiing, and Sledding

Of course, there are quieter ways to enjoy the trails around Happy Jack. Hiking and biking are great ways to enjoy the stunning scenery and fresh mountain air.

Some trails, like the Pine Canyon Trail, are easy. Others, like the 14-mile hike up to the old Houston Brothers cabin, and more difficult. But, there are trails to suit every fitness level.

While there isn't a ski lodge in Happy Jack, cross-country skiing along the trails is a popular sport during the winter. The kids will also thrill at the opportunity to try sledding and tubing down the hills. Owning Happy Jack real estate allows you to share the experience of snow with your kids and grandkids from Phoenix.

Hunting Around Happy Jack

Happy Jack falls within the Arizona game management areas open to hunting. You can get tags to hunt deer, elk, pronghorn, turkey, squirrel, javelina, bighorn sheep, black bear, and even mountain lions. As you can see, the rugged terrain is home to a wide variety of wildlife.

Of course, you'll need to get a hunting license, tags, and follow all of the rules and regulations. Also, you'll need to stay clear of any homes and cabins. Finally, check with the Arizona Game and Fish Department for updated rules for motorized game retrieval. There are places within the hunting units where motorized vehicles are not allowed for any reason, including game recovery.

Life in Happy Jack AZ

As you can see, the lifestyle in Happy Jack revolves around outdoor activities and nature. If you want to truly escape the rat race and desert heat, Happy Jack real estate could be your piece of heaven.

However, keep in mind, that Happy Jack is at least 40-miles from most services, such as grocery stores and other shopping. There is the Mustang gas station and convenience store at milepost 290 along Highway 87, but you'll need to go to Flagstaff or Sedona for any real shopping or medical services.

The beautiful, rustic Happy Jack Lodge and RV Park is the centerpiece of the area, and you can enjoy a meal here over the weekend. However, the restaurant is closed on weekdays. The lodge also has a small store, that includes a few food items, as well as a laundromat.

Simply put, shopping and getting supplies will involve a 45-minute to one-hour drive to either Flagstaff or Sedona. If you own a cabin that you only use on weekends, you'll need to bring food and supplies with you from the Valley. If you're living year-round in Happy Jack, you'll want to keep your cupboard well-stocked, especially over the winter. There is always the possibility that the area could be temporarily snowed-in during a heavy storm.

If you're ready to check out Happy Jack real estate, you can always spend a weekend at the lodge or the RV park. It makes a great basecamp to see what the area is all about.

You can find cabins and homes for sale in Happy Jack AZ, as well as raw land. Acreage for sale in Happy Jack AZ range from 1-acre lots to generous 10-acre lots. The listings are limited, and the time to look into Happy Jack AZ real estate is now.


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