Fall Weather in Surprise AZDay Light Savings Time is a time change that occurs every year. To observe this change in time, you must be in a different time zone. If you are traveling to Surprise from another time zone, use a time zone converter to get the correct time zone for your destination. The time zones for Surprise, United States, are MST and GMT-7. However, this city does not observe Daylight Savings Time.

Time change

The time in Surprise, Arizona, is based on the time zone Mountain Standard Time (MST). The time zone in Surprise, Arizona, is 3600 seconds ahead of Greenwich's meantime. In November 2022, the days will be three minutes shorter than they are now. The day will begin at sunrise and end at sundown.

Many states observe Daylight Savings Time. Most Americans will turn back their clocks during this time. However, the majority of residents of Arizona do not. The only exception is the Navajo Reservation. Daylight saving time can result in later sports games and cable television shows. Some people think this practice helps them save money. But in reality, it increases the amount of electricity used. A previous study from the U.S. Department of Energy suggested that the method can save up to 0.5 percent of daily energy consumed. That is enough to power approximately 100,000 homes for an entire year.

Changing time zone

If you're planning a trip to Surprise, Arizona, it's best to understand what Daylight Saving Time is. In most parts of the country, Daylight Saving Time is observed during the spring. Generally, people who live in this time zone should set their clocks one hour earlier than usual. However, the Navajo Nation in northeastern Arizona doesn't use Daylight Saving Time.

The time zone in Surprise, Arizona, is Mountain Standard Time. However, this time zone is not observed throughout the year. Therefore, you'll have to adjust your schedule accordingly. In the future, the state will no longer observe Daylight Saving Time.

Energy savings

Daylight savings time is the time that the sun sets and rises at a specific location. Surprise, Arizona, is located in the Mountain Time Zone, 7 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). As a result, the city does not observe Daylight Savings Time. Instead, its residents use Mountain Standard Time, 3600 seconds ahead of Greenwich mean time.

Unlike most areas of the United States, Surprise, Arizona, does not follow Daylight Saving Time. This change in time means you may need to set your clocks back or forward a few hours to get to work or school in the morning. Daylight savings time does not occur in the Navajo Nation, which is located in northeastern Arizona.

Navajo Nation

An earlier version of this story in our research said that the Navajo Nation does not observe Daylight Savings Time. If you're planning to visit the Navajo Nation, you should know that it observes Daylight Savings Time. The Navajo Nation's territory extends into the states that observe DST. The only exception to this rule is Hawaii, which does not follow the practice.

The Navajo Nation covers nearly 27,000 square miles, close to the size of the state of West Virginia. Unlike most states, the Navajo Nation is not one big block of land but a collection of fingers and enclaves. The Navajo Nation also includes the Hopi Reservation, which does not observe daylight savings time.