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Whether you're selling your Sun City Grand home or helping someone sell theirs, you should know a few things. If you're looking for the right way to sell your home, these tips should help you get the deal done quickly and safely.

Get a real estate professional.

Choosing a real estate broker is one of the most essential steps when selling a home. They can help you get the best offer for your Sun City Grand home. However, it is also essential to find a real estate agent that is knowledgeable about the area. They can also help you determine the best listing price.


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One of the first of many things you want to consider when getting a real estate agent is to ask them about the process. They will be your partner for several months. They will help you determine the best listing price, negotiate an offer, and answer questions about the home.


You should also ensure that your agent is a licensed real estate agent. You must have a license to be able to work in the industry.  You can get recommendations from online reviews.


Another critical step is finding an agent with a solid marketing plan. An excellent real estate agent can use marketing strategies to get more buyers to view your listing. They can also help you find additional marketing tools to help make your Sun City Grand home stand out.





Prepare your home for the buyer's final walk-through

Whether selling or buying a home, the final walk-through is a crucial part of the process. Not only is it your last chance to see the house before closing, but it's also your chance to check for damage and ensure everything is in good working order.



Your real estate agent will guide the walk-through, but you should also ensure you're prepared. Your home should be clean, organized, and clutter-free before your final walk-through. If you do, you could keep your sale. It's also a good practice to call ahead after the closing and disconnect the utilities so the new owner can access the home promptly.



Try to Avoid paying capital gains taxes on the sale.

Trying to avoid paying capital gains real estate taxes when selling a home is more challenging than it used to be. The law has changed in recent years and will catch many people.


A call to your CPA is recommended, Maybe sit down and chat about the best way to avoid un-needed taxes. 


Those who are wealthy and own multiple homes may avoid paying capital gains taxes by selling their primary residence and purchasing a second home. However, this method has been greatly limited by Congress. In 2008, the most recent Housing and Economic Recovery Act was passed, closing the loophole that allowed wealthy homeowners to avoid paying capital gains taxes by selling their homes.


The amount of tax liability is based on the income you earn and your filing status. Married people may be able to potentially avoid paying capital gains tax by filing a joint return. However, those who are single may be required to file separately. Talk to your CPA! 


You can try to qualify for the capital gains tax exclusion by living in your home as your main primary residence for two out of five years. This is referred to as the "2 out of 5-year rule."


If you have a home that you use as a rental, you can still qualify for the tax break. However, you may or may not be able to claim the partial exclusion if you are renting the home.


Ensure you're insured

Ensuring you're insured when selling a home is a critical step in the process. If a fire or other disaster strikes, it is essential to be fully covered by an insurance policy to protect your home and your belongings. If your belongings are destroyed, your family could be left without a place to live and with significant bills to pay.


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Ensure you're insured when selling if you plan to move before the closing date of the sale. You may need a separate policy for your valuables. This can be done by speaking with an independent insurance agent. An agent can explain the various coverage options available and help you establish the best coverage limits.


If you're selling a home damaged in a fire, theft, or other disasters, you may want to increase your homeowner's policy coverage limit. It's best to disclose this for the next buyer. An experienced insurance appraiser can help you determine the best value of your home before it is sold. You should also increase the amount of personal liability coverage. Personal liability coverage is designed to protect you against damages to others. Standard personal liability coverage is generally $300,000 per incident.


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Mainly peace of mind if something valuable is taken, you are covered.  The best practice is removing valuable items. That way, when you open your home to the public, they are able to view the home, and the focus is the home, not a temptation.