Weather Rolling in to Phoenix from the north | 10 Reasons Phoenix is a Great Place to LivePhoenix is a city full of opportunity, both in terms of your career and your social life and raising a family. It's got good weather year-round, great nightlife, and an eclectic selection of restaurants.

It also has affordable housing, which makes it attractive to people looking for an urban lifestyle without the price tag that typically comes with it.

Phoenix offers many unique attractions including glittering lights at the South Mountain Park and sports at Chase Field as well as the Phoenix Zoo and Phoenix Art Museum.

The weather in Phoenix is Great from October to June


Phoenix is a city that has some of the highest temperatures and also some of the driest air. The average high temperature in July here can reach up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it one of the top 10 most sunny cities in America with an amazing amount of annual rainfall at just under six inches per year.

One of the most important factors in determining the average high temperature in a given month is location. Phoenix, Arizona during the summer has an average high that ranges from 100 degrees Fahrenheit to 112 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dust storm: A dust storm happens when strong winds blow a large amount of dirt, sand, or other abrasive materials across a landscape, often covering buildings, vehicles, trees and power lines. Dust storms in Phoenix can last for a few hours.

Arizona is known for its warm winter temperatures and the snowbirds that flock to Arizona every year from colder climates like Colorado, Utah, and Canada love it! They start arriving in October as soon as the temps are under 100 during the day and when it gets too hot in June they go home.


Home For Sale Sign

The Phoenix Housing Market is Very Competitive!

Phoenix is a city which has always been known for its affordable housing market. Many people have flocked to Phoenix in search of a cheaper living. However, the city is now seeing a dramatic change with the rapid rise in home prices.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for Phoenix residents to find affordable housing and live comfortably. This causes many Phoenix residents to move out of the city and into different neighborhoods where rent is much lower.

The Phoenix housing market is very competitive. There are many people looking for a home, which makes it hard to find the perfect home. Especially with rates being so low. Homes listed for sale are getting multiple offers and only on the market for a few days.

When looking for a house, there are some things that you should keep in mind. One of these is how much the house costs and what type of features it has. If your ready to move fast to make an offer when a home is listed.

Though it is impossible to predict what Phoenix will look like in the future, it is safe to assume that the Phoenix housing market will always be competitive!


Phoenix is close to some amazing places!

Great place to photograph near phoenix

If you are looking for a vacation, Phoenix is close to some of the best destinations in the world. Phoenix is close to some really amazing places like the Grand Canyon, Scottsdale, and Sedona. You can find a lot of activities around the city like hiking and golfing that you might enjoy.

If you love road trips, Phoenix is a great city to live in. It’s a quick drive to the grand canyon to las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego and Mexico.

Arizona is an amazing place to live. The weather in Phoenix is perfect year round and you’re never too far from a road trip destination. In Phoenix, you can find a wide assortment of restaurants, bars, and shopping all within walking distance of your home. The city has plenty of events to keep you entertained on the weekends. If you love the outdoors, Phoenix will not disappoint!

There are many fresh water reservoirs and lakes nearby. Phoenix is close to Lake Pleasant, Saguaro Lake, Canyon Lake, and Bartlett Lake.

Phoenix has a lot of lakes; Lake Pleasant, Saguaro Lake, Canyon Lake, and Bartlett Lake are just a few of them. These lakes make up a large part of the region's water supply and have added to the quality of life for residents. If you are looking for a place to enjoy the outdoors or to stay active in Phoenix, one of these lakes is perfect for you.


There Are Plenty of Job Opportunities in Phoenix AZ

Phoenix AZ is one of the best cities to find job opportunities. It is a place where jobs are readily available and there are many fields that offer employment. Phoenix has a healthy economy because it's a place where people focus on what they do best - creating jobs with their skillsets in industries such as technology, financial services, and health care.

It has been seen in recent years that the demand for white collar and management jobs, as well as good paying government jobs with benefits, is higher than ever. This has led to a demand for a wide array of high paying jobs requiring a variety of degrees and skill sets.

The recent college graduates are struggling to find a job in a competitive market. This can make it difficult for these recent graduates to stay in their home countries. However, these new college grads are finding support from other skilled workers who are moving to their home countries to help the economy. This is encouraging recently graduated people and attracting members of the skilled workforce from all over the world.

Phoenix is the perfect city for those who want to start their career in construction. The demand for residential home building jobs is booming, and with the right education, skills, and experience in Phoenix’s construction industry, you can have a good career ahead of you.


Shopping Biltmore Fashion Park

Biltmore Fashion Park is a popular upscale shopping destination for city dwellers, tourists, and business travelers. It features a mix of high-end fashion stores such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Tiffany& Co., Brooks Brothers, Burberry among others. The Biltmore Fashion Park was created as a place where people could experience the latest in fashion trends, purchase their favorite items at affordable prices, and socialize with other like-minded individuals.


One of the Best Mexican Food Restaurants in Phoenix AZ Aunt Chilada’s

Aunt Chilada’s is truly an Arizona historic landmark with a personality all its own. Constructed in the 1890’s and still serving delicious Mexican food, it has become an iconic Phoenix destination.

Great happy our destination with live music, and a huge outdoor patio

This is one of the best dog friendly restaurants in Phoenix. They offer a selection of dog friendly dishes that are suited for people with dogs as well as menus for humans. They offer water dishes for the dogs at the table so your dog doesn't have to leave the table and can drink on-demand.

Check out Camelback Mountain for great views and great hiking

Camelback Mountain is a mountain in Phoenix, Arizona that offers the perfect hiking trail. It's not only a great hike but also boasts spectacular views of the valley and surrounding areas.


Phoenix Zoo

The zoo is home to a wide variety of animals including everything from North America’s only gorilla in captivity to a penguin from Argentina. The Phoenix Zoo also features one of the world’s largest collections of giant pandas, two rare species that live at the zoo: lowland pangolins and Sumatran tigers.

The Phoenix Zoo has been recognized not only for its efforts in providing a home for wild animals, but also in educating the public and preserving the environment.


Baseball: Phoenix is completely Surrounded by Spring Training

Amazing amount of baseball teams train in Arizona

If you're a baseball fan, you'll be excited to learn that almost every city surrounding Phoenix, and Phoenix has the Brewers!. Tempe, Goodyear, Glendale, Surprise, Scottsdale and Peoria are just some of the cities with teams. You can get tickets for as little as $10 and watch your favorite players take the field. Cactus League Baseball is a fantastic way to spend the day outside in Arizona’s great weather.

Cactus League Baseball is a great way to spend the day in Arizona’s great weather. It's part of spring training, which is a time when aspiring Major League Baseball players get their chance to get ready for MLB season baseball.


Phoenix has surprisingly a lot of galleries and opportunities for people who love art to see and purchase it.

Phoenix is an unforgettable place to visit. The city's art scene is alive and kicking, and there's so much for art lovers to see. It has one of the best collections of galleries and museums in the nation (and if you're lucky, you might just be able to catch a glimpse of one of the local artists on the streets).

Roosevelt Row is a must-visit destination in the Phoenix metro area. A thriving artist community, this vibrant and eclectic neighborhood is a perfect place to explore. From art walks to craft shows, museum exhibits and countless expos, Roosevelt Row offers a variety of opportunities to enjoy the arts.


Phoenix has Beer! Over 100 Arizona Breweries!

Greater Phoenix has tons of craft breweries and is home to the best beer in the world, Arizona Wilderness. Craft breweries have a presence in Greater Phoenix and are found all over town. The area offers an impressive lineup of award-winning, nationally recognized craft beers that will leave you wanting more. Many local brewers are making moves to make their own mark on the city's growing brewing operations and hoping to find success!


Bottom line

Phoenix is great if you're looking for a place to visit or live. Please contact us if you have any questions about real estate in the area.