Sourcing your next down payment

When you're ready to purchase your next home, one of the first and many things you need to do is start saving for your down payment. You can start by setting up a separate savings - bank account for your down payment. This will help you establish a paper trail and avoid raising red flags about seasoning.


Using gift funds will help you get a tax write-off while the donor benefits from the financial contribution. Gift funds can also be sourced for your down payment. However, you must provide a letter from the donor stating that the money is a gift. While this may not be ideal, it can be a win-win situation for you and your family.




Most mortgages will allow you to use the funds if you receive a gift or loan from a loved one. Another way to get help with your down payment is to ask your family and friends for help. In a National Association of Realtors report, 32% of first-time homebuyers reported that a family member or friend had helped them with the down payment.


Borrowing from friends or family is a popular way to raise money for your down payment. However, it would help if you were very careful to avoid making side deals with family members as they may be unable to repay the money in the long run. You must also disclose your down payment loan to your lender, as it will be part of your overall debt and debt-to-income ratios.


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The amount you must pay depends on the mortgage you receive. Another way to source your down payment is through your employer's retirement plan. This type of loan is usually not insured by the government and requires a down payment from your funds. You can also obtain help from government agencies and other approved sources.


Remember to double-check with your lender before trying any of these scenarios.