10 Free Things To Do in Phoenix

10 Free things to do in Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona, is a vibrant city with plenty of opportunities for fun and adventure, but only some of those experiences have to come with a price tag. Plenty of things to do in Phoenix that won't cost you a dime. From outdoor activities to cultural backgrounds, here are ten things to do for free in Phoenix, AZ.


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Arizona is known for its diverse landscapes and unique flora and fauna, making it an excellent destination for hikers and nature enthusiasts. While hiking in Arizona, you may encounter various wildlife, including desert bighorn sheep, coyotes, snakes, and lizards. You may also see multiple birds, such as hawks, eagles, and quail. One of the most iconic animals of the Arizona desert is the Gila monster, a venomous lizard that is known for its distinctive markings and slow-moving demeanor. While they are rarely encountered on hiking trails, it's essential to be aware of their presence and to give them plenty of space.


In addition to wildlife, Arizona's landscapes are truly stunning and offer a range of hiking experiences. You may find yourself hiking through red rock canyons, towering saguaro cactus forests, or verdant mountain ranges. You'll likely encounter unique rock formations, such as the hoodoos, as you hike. You may even stumble upon a hidden waterfall or natural swimming hole if you're lucky.

Ten Free things to try in Phoenix for fun

Piestewa Peak, formerly known as Squaw Peak, is one of the most unique and popular hiking destinations in Phoenix. With an elevation of 2,608 feet, it offers stunning views of Phoenix and the surrounding mountains. The trail to the summit is challenging, but the reward is well worth the effort. Hikers can expect to encounter extremely rocky terrain, steep inclines, and switchbacks, but plenty of opportunities exist to rest and take in the scenery.


One of the best things about hiking Piestewa Peak is that it is accessible year-round and can be done in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the day's heat. The Piestewa peak trail is well-maintained and marked, making it an excellent option for novice and experienced hikers. It is essential to bring plenty of water and wear appropriate footwear, as the trail can be slippery in some areas. Additionally, hikers should be aware that parking can be limited, so arriving early is a good idea to secure a spot.


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Echo Canyon Trailhead is one of Phoenix's most popular hiking destinations, offering stunning views of the city and surrounding mountains. The trail is steep and challenging, with a rocky climb that requires hikers to scramble up boulders and navigate narrow switchbacks. However, the effort is well worth it, as hikers are rewarded with breathtaking views of the valley below. At the top of the trail, hikers can take panoramic pictures of Phoenix, including Camelback Mountain, Papago Park, and the downtown skyline.


Due to its popularity, Echo Canyon Trailhead can get crowded, particularly on weekends and holidays. Parking can be limited, so arriving early or considering public transportation is a good idea. Hikers should also come prepared with plenty of water, sunscreen, and appropriate footwear, as the trail can be hot and challenging. Despite the crowds and the trail's difficulty, Echo Canyon Trailhead is a must-visit spot for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts looking for an unforgettable experience in Phoenix.


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Camelback Mountain is another popular hiking spot in Phoenix, offering breathtaking city views and the surrounding desert landscape. At 2,704 feet, it is the highest point in the city and has two main trails to the summit - Echo Canyon and Cholla Trail. Both trails are challenging and involve steep inclines and rocky terrain, but the reward is an unforgettable panoramic view. The trails are well-maintained, but hikers should be aware that they can be crowded at peak times, so it's a good idea to arrive early or opt for a less popular time to hike.


Hiking Camelback Mountain requires moderate fitness and endurance, as the trail can be demanding. It's essential to wear appropriate footwear and bring plenty of water, as no water is available on the trail. Hikers should also be aware that parking can be limited, and there are no restrooms at the trailhead. Despite the challenges, hiking Camelback Mountain is a must-do activity for anyone visiting Phoenix who loves the outdoors and wants to experience the

Free things to do in Phoenix Arizona

Fountain Hills Park is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike, located just east of Scottsdale, Arizona. The park covers 64 acres and offers stunning views of the mountains and the famous Fountain Hills Fountain. The fountain is one of the tallest in the world, reaching up to 560 feet at its highest point. It shoots water into the air for 15 minutes every hour, creating a breathtaking spectacle that draws crowds year-round. In addition to the fountain, the park offers several miles of great hiking trails, picnic areas, and a playground, making it an excellent spot for families and outdoor enthusiasts.


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Visitors to Fountain Hills Park can enjoy various recreational activities, including hiking, biking, and birdwatching. The park has diverse wildlife, such as coyotes, javelinas, and multiple birds. The hiking trails range in difficulty from easy to moderate and offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Whether you're looking for a peaceful picnic spot, a scenic hike, or an exciting fountain show, Fountain Hills Park



Driving to the top of South Mountain is a popular activity for visitors to Phoenix, Arizona. The mountain is the largest municipal park in the United States, covering over 16,000 acres. At the top of the hill, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the city and the surrounding desert landscape. The road to the top of South Mountain is a winding, scenic drive that takes visitors through various desert habitats, including saguaro cactus forests and rocky outcroppings. Keep an eye out for Arizona wildlife along the way, such as coyotes and desert tortoises.


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Once at the top of South Mountain, visitors can explore various hiking trails that offer stunning views of Phoenix and the surrounding desert. The South Mountain trails range in difficulty from easy to strenuous, so there's something for hikers of all skill levels. One of the most popular trails is the National Trail, a 14-mile hike that runs along the mountain's ridgeline. The South Mountain offers stunning views of the Phoenix and the surrounding mountains and is a great way to experience the amazing beauty of the Sun.


Fishing at the rural lakes in Phoenix is a popular fun pastime for locals and visitors alike. The lakes are located in scenic, rural areas outside the bustling city and offer a peaceful escape for anglers. The lakes are stocked with various fish species, including bass, catfish, and bluegill, making them an excellent spot for experienced and novice anglers. In addition to fishing, the lakes offer a variety of recreational activities, such as hiking, camping, and boating. Visitors can also try to rent boats and kayaks to explore the lakes, relax on the shore, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. With their tranquil setting and abundance of fish, the rural lakes in Phoenix are a must-visit destination for any angler.


Several lakes in Phoenix are stocked for fishing, but here are three of them:


1. Encanto Lake: This urban lake is located in the heart of Phoenix and is stocked with rainbow trout, catfish, and tilapia. It also has a fishing pier, picnic areas, and a playground.


2. Desert Breeze Lake: Located in Chandler, just outside of Phoenix, Desert Breeze Lake is stocked with rainbow trout, catfish, and bass. It's a popular spot for fishing, picnicking, and hiking on the nearby trails.


3. Saguaro Lake: This scenic lake is located in the Tonto National Forest, about 40 minutes outside Phoenix. It's stocked with rainbow trout and bass, catfish, and other fish species. It's an excellent spot for fishing, boating, and hiking in the surrounding wilderness.


Scottsdale Railroad Park is a popular attraction for families and train enthusiasts alike. The park features a miniature train ride that takes visitors on a scenic tour around the park and a carousel and playground. One of the main attractions at the park is the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park Museum, which houses a collection of historic railroad artifacts and exhibits.

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With its fun train rides, educational exhibits, and beautiful setting, Scottsdale Railroad Park is a must-visit destination in Scottsdale. Scottsdale Railroad Park Visitors can learn about the history of the railroad in Arizona and see vintage train cars and engines up close. The park also has picnic, and party areas and a fishing pond, making it an excellent spot for a day out with the family.


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Walking around Scottsdale's art galleries is an enjoyable and enriching experience for art lovers and tourists alike. Scottsdale is home to a thriving arts scene, with dozens of galleries showcasing works of art in various styles and media. Walking around the galleries, visitors can admire local and international artists' paintings, sculptures, and installations and learn about the creative process behind each piece. Many galleries also offer guided tours, artist talks, and special exhibitions, making the visit more engaging.


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In addition to the art itself, walking around Scottsdale's galleries is a great way to explore the city's vibrant downtown area. The galleries are clustered in the Old Town Scottsdale district, home to many other attractions, such as restaurants, boutiques, and historical sites. Visitors can stroll through the charming streets, enjoy the colorful architecture and public art installations, and soak up the lively atmosphere. Whether you're a seasoned Arizona art collector or simply looking for a fun and cultural activity, walking around Scottsdale's art galleries is an experience to be noticed.


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