5 Reasons Why Surprise is a Great Place to Live in 2023

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Whether you're moving to Surprise, Arizona, or a resident, there are many reasons why you should consider moving to this fantastic city. The weather is gorgeous, and the community is very welcoming. You'll be pleased to know that the crime rate is also meager. And if you're a sports enthusiast, there are many places to visit and participate in various sports, including baseball, football, basketball, soccer, and golf.


Surprise Arizona

Suppose you look for a great place to live in 2023, Surprise, Arizona. It is an excellent place for families and retirees alike, and it has a lot to offer in the way of entertainment and education.


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The city is in the heart of the Sonoran Desert and has excellent weather throughout the year. This is a great attraction for outdoor enthusiasts.


Although Surprise does not have a bustling nightlife, it offers many things. For example, it has several parks, including the beautiful Surprise Park, which is not far from the Wildlife World Zoo.


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Another cool thing about Surprise is its Neighborhood Watch program. This program is a great way to reduce crime, and it helps protect residents.


Surprise, AZ, also boasts excellent schools. There are four high schools in the area.


There are numerous parks in the area, and many of them feature playgrounds and picnic areas. You can also find skating and hiking trails, along with skateboard parks.


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The city is also near several universities and colleges. Some of these include Ottawa University, which is located in Surprise.


Crime Rates are low in Surprise.

If you're looking for a safe and thriving city to raise a family, Surprise, Arizona, is a good choice. Surprise has consistently ranked as one of the safest places in the country. The violent crime rate is low compared to surrounding cities, and the overall crime rates are below the US national average.


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Surprise, AZ, is located in the southwest desert region of the United States. It's near the Sonoran Desert, White Tank Mountain, and Lake Pleasant. As a result, it has an excellent climate and many outdoor amenities.


Surprise has been ranked among the safest cities for two consecutive years. 


The weather is Amazing in Surprise.



The weather in Surprise is usually pretty dry and mild. Temperatures rarely rise above 106degF. However, the drier part of the year is a good three months long.


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The best time to visit Surprise is late May to mid-July. In addition to the warm weather, the town has a good selection of local eateries and bars. Besides, the city has plenty of parks to explore.


The city has some of the most scenic views in the state, but the most impressive view comes during the morning. For those who plan their trips well in advance, a trip in the first half of the year is a good idea. Also, the summer season is relatively quiet. While you'll need to put up with the occasional traffic jam, the city's population is spread out.


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There are also a number of incredible and exciting sights to see, as parks and nature preserves surround the city. 


Pickleball in Surprise, Arizona

Pickleball is a game played by two teams of players who have one player on each court. The game is similar to tennis but combines elements of badminton and ping pong. It has become an increasingly popular recreational sport. There are now four million players in the United States.



The game is a great way to exercise and socialize. In Arizona, many active adult communities offer pickleball courts. They also provide other amenities such as swimming pools and hiking trails. Several communities have restaurants featuring local ingredients.


There are also several amazing nearby golf courses in the state. One of them is in Surprise. Sun City Grand has ten new pickleball courts recently added to the community. Giving Sun City Grand 22 courts.


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The community is situated high in the desert, 1,900 feet above the ground. Several tennis and swimming courts are also available. The community has been recognized as an award-winning active lifestyle community.


Ottawa University in Surprise, Arizona


Ottawa University Arizona is a new campus being built in Surprise, Arizona. The institution was created with a strong partnership with the city of Surprise.


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Founded in 1865, Ottawa University is a comprehensive not-for-profit educational institution. It offers a variety of academic programs for adult learners in the United States and abroad.


Not only does the university boast a great campus location, but the site is also near many amenities. For example, several restaurants, retail stores, and a movie theater are nearby.


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In addition, the university boasts an athletic program and is a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. Many students have been drawn to the school due to the athletic programs offered.


There is also a great selection of majors to choose from. A full-time student can expect to earn a bachelor's degree in a variety of fields.


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The university also provides an online platform for learning. This is a convenient option for busy students who can study from anywhere.


Other noteworthy features include a residence hall, which is currently being constructed. According to the college, the facility will be completed by October 2019.



The university will also boast a brand new student union. The facility is expected to cost $19.9 million.


Watching Baseball at Surprise Stadium



Spring training is the perfect time to get a glimpse of the upcoming season. This is when the best teams start to show some signs of progress. The Kansas City Royals are in a great position to start off the season on the right foot. During spring training, they will play a lot of Cactus League competitions, which means that fans will be able to watch plenty of games.


In addition to the Cactus League, the Royals will also play traditional rivals in the Chicago White Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers. This is a great chance to see them in person and compare their game against the rest of the league. You can purchase Royals spring training tickets by clicking on the link below.


During the last season, the Royals made history. They won the World Series for the second time in their franchise's history. They also broke a 30-year postseason drought. The Royals are known for their excellent pitching rotation and their relentless attack. Their first baseman, Eric Hosmer, is one of the top infielders in the league. He was the MVP of the 2015 World Series. 


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The stadium is full of amenities. Fans can lounge on the grass berm overlooking the outfield. There is a catered meal, a sports shop, and a large selection of Royals merchandise. A 25,000-square-foot multipurpose room includes a kitchen and dining area.


The stadium's party pavilion is in the right-center field. It has a private catered meal, HDTVs, and a wide variety of seating options. You can buy a seat in the Legends Deck if you want a better game view. Tickets for the Party Pavilion range from $45. 


The Kansas City Royals are in the middle of an exciting offseason. With a good pitching rotation, a great offense, and a great team behind them, there is no doubt that they will be playing their best this year.



Golf in Surprise Arizona



Whether you enjoy golfing or other outdoor activities, there are many options for you in Surprise, Arizona. From tennis to baseball, you can find activities for the entire family.


The city of Surprise is surrounded by the White Tank Mountain range, making it a scenic area to visit. It is also close to the Sonoran Desert. Moreover, there are many resorts and top-notch courses to choose from.


If you are a fan of the Texas Rangers or the Kansas City Royals, you will definitely want to come to Surprise. You can catch a game in one of the nine stadiums, including the world-class Surprise Stadium. Besides sports, you can try your hand at fishing or camping in Surprise.



Buying a home in Sun City Grand can be an excellent investment for retirees. Homes in Sun City Grand have modern amenities and luxurious finishes. Currently, you can get a fantastic home for around 500k.





Surprise is also home to several hospitals and medical facilities. There are two major hospitals in the city, as well as the nearby VA hospital. Also, there are four high schools and three special needs schools in the Dysart Unified School District.


Surprise is a city that has a relatively low crime rate. Moreover, it has a Citizens Patrol program and a Neighborhood Watch program.



Shopping in Surprise Arizona


When it comes to shopping in Surprise, Arizona, you can't go wrong. The city is not only close to major shopping destinations, but it also offers residents access to a thriving business sector.


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The city of Surprise has been growing steadily over the past 15 years. It is home to several notable parks, recreation centers, and attractions. In fact, Surprise is a great place to raise a family.


One of the biggest draws for residents is its affordability. Property taxes in Surprise are among the lowest in the state. There are also plenty of high-quality homes, many of which are situated in master-planned communities.


Besides the affordable housing, Surprise has a number of other attractions. For example, the Surprise Aquatic Center is a popular spot for families. This facility features slides, waterfalls, a spray pad, and more.


Those looking for outdoor adventures should head over to Rancho de los Caballeros, an authentic dude ranch. 

Here, you can enjoy horseback riding and ATV tours.


Another fun thing to do in Surprise is attending the annual Surprise Party, which is held during the first weekend of December. During the party, you can enjoy music and food.




Market Report For Surprise Arizona


Active Properties
Address Beds Baths Living ft2 List Price Cost per ft2 DOM
13235 W Fargo Drive 4 2.5 2,614 $499,999 $191 0 days
16315 W Marconi Avenue 3 2 2,185 $415,000 $189 21 days
17464 N Rainbow Circle 3 1.75 1,572 $439,934 $279 0 days
20412 N Fountain Crest Court 3 2 2,282 $719,700 $315 0 days
15135 N 172nd Drive 3 2 1,484 $379,999 $256 0 days
16631 W Desert Mirage Drive 3 2 1,402 $387,990 $276 0 days
16589 W Desert Mirage Drive 4 2.5 2,338 $468,990 $200 0 days
15896 W Summerwalk Drive 2 2 1,282 $359,900 $280 0 days
14945 N 133rd Drive 3 2 1,412 $359,000 $254 0 days
15361 W Windrose Drive 4 2.5 2,342 $549,000 $234 0 days
17196 W Artemisa Avenue 2 2 1,666 $465,000 $279 0 days
16538 W Arroyo Court 2 1.75 1,850 $550,000 $297 0 days
14612 W Plum Road 4 2 2,507 $850,000 $339 8 days
17968 W Dawn Drive 2 1.75 1,528 $369,000 $241 0 days
15811 W Kino Drive 2 2.5 2,529 $525,000 $207 0 days
17186 W Port Royale Lane 2 1.75 1,353 $425,000 $314 0 days
16515 N 171st Drive 4 2 2,112 $475,000 $224 0 days
17628 W Caribbean Lane 4 2 2,091 $429,900 $205 0 days
14112 W Alexandria Way 3 2 2,122 $559,900 $263 2 days
15727 W Crocus Drive 3 2 1,423 $350,000 $245 1 day
Average: 3.3 2.4 2,163 $525,899 $247 68 days
Viewing 1 - 20 of 602
Viewing 1 - 20 of 602
Properties Under Contract
Address Beds Baths Living ft2 List Price Cost per ft2 DOM
15992 W Gray Fox Trail 4 3 2,049 $449,590 $219 2 days
15236 W Melissa Lane 3 2 1,504 $369,900 $245 3 days
17329 W Via De Luna Drive 3 2 1,716 $369,990 $215 5 days
16225 W Red Rock Drive 2 2 1,414 $399,500 $282 6 days
16412 N 113th Avenue 3 2 1,368 $349,000 $255 8 days
13305 W Cottonwood Street 3 2 1,898 $434,999 $229 6 days
17311 W Acapulco Lane 3 2 1,484 $365,000 $245 7 days
11000 N 188th Drive 5 3.5 3,115 $650,000 $208 35 days
25223 N 144th Drive 4 2 1,832 $412,190 $224 7 days
17431 W Via De Luna Drive 3 2 1,495 $364,990 $244 9 days
17615 W Tasha Drive 4 2.5 3,077 $550,000 $178 10 days
17616 W Marshall Lane 5 3.5 3,085 $499,990 $162 10 days
16955 W Maya Way 5 3 2,624 $459,330 $175 11 days
15936 W Superstition Way 2 2.5 2,959 $839,000 $283 13 days
27215 N 148th Drive 4 2 2,542 $675,000 $265 12 days
17242 W Monarch Way 3 3 2,810 $674,000 $239 34 days
16645 W Desert Mirage Drive 3 2 1,662 $401,990 $241 13 days
12312 N 147th Lane 3 2 1,670 $450,000 $269 31 days
16513 N 157th Avenue 3 2 1,065 $330,000 $309 13 days
15984 W Smokey Drive 3 2 1,558 $370,000 $237 13 days
Average: 3.4 2.4 2,107 $476,617 $232 104 days
Viewing 1 - 20 of 538
Viewing 1 - 20 of 538
Sold Properties
Address Beds Baths Living ft2 List Price Sold Price Cost per ft2 DOM Sold Date
15373 W Yucatan Drive 3 2.5 2,072 $455,000 $450,000 $217 82 days 6/1/23
17675 W Daley Lane 3 2.5 1,967 $416,000 $410,000 $208 96 days 6/1/23
21339 N Black Bear Lodge Drive 2 2 1,894 $475,000 $455,000 $240 223 days 6/1/23
16384 N Naegel Drive 3 2 1,366 $300,000 $325,000 $237 13 days 5/31/23
17577 W Windrose Drive 3 2 1,892 $475,000 $475,000 $251 41 days 5/31/23
16832 W Eureka Springs Drive 2 2 1,166 $326,000 $316,500 $271 46 days 5/31/23
16601 W Tasha Drive 2 2 1,190 $339,850 $346,647 $291 47 days 5/31/23
16929 W Fetlock Trail 4 3 2,422 $492,194 $492,194 $203 48 days 5/31/23
11892 N 154th Lane 3 2.5 1,747 $379,900 $379,900 $217 62 days 5/31/23
26240 N 166th Avenue 3 2.5 2,437 $469,500 $469,500 $192 67 days 5/31/23
22132 N 182nd Lane 3 2 1,895 $480,000 $480,000 $253 80 days 5/31/23
17667 W Bajada Road 4 3 2,040 $419,995 $412,495 $202 89 days 5/31/23
11353 N Luckenbach Street 3 2.5 2,004 $699,995 $699,995 $349 239 days 5/31/23
17767 W Ivy Lane 3 2 2,237 $519,900 $519,900 $232 32 days 5/30/23
11305 W Eden Mckenzie Drive 4 2.5 1,949 $375,000 $375,000 $192 39 days 5/30/23
17550 W Caribbean Lane 3 2 1,733 $409,000 $416,888 $240 46 days 5/30/23
15358 W Wethersfield Road 3 2.5 1,612 $398,900 $390,000 $241 67 days 5/30/23
15928 W Summerwalk Drive 2 2 1,183 $340,000 $331,000 $279 80 days 5/30/23
26398 N 168th Avenue 4 3 2,820 $500,000 $500,000 $177 59 days 5/30/23
13148 N 146th Lane 3 2 1,405 $417,197 $417,147 $296 79 days 5/30/23
Average: 3.2 2.3 1,976 $458,911 $450,617 $234 101 days
Viewing 1 - 20 of 823
Viewing 1 - 20 of 823

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