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MLS Number Search Tool - MLS Number Lookup

Finding a home with an MLS number is easy and can be done in minutes. To find a home, you need to enter the MLS number into the search bar and then click on "search"

An MLS number is a six-digit number that is designated by each local or regional Multiple Listing Service. It is usually found on most sites with homes for sale

Some of the big box sites leave homes on active status even after it has been sold, we offer MLS search with up to date information. Our site is directly connected to the MLS and is updated every 15 minutes.

With the rise of home buying sites such as Zillow, and Trulia, it has become increasingly difficult to find accurate information about homes for sale. Homes listed on these sites are often outdated or misspelled, information may be missing or in the wrong location. is a fantastic online source for real estate listings with accurate information, in the Phoenix/Payson and Surrounding cities. You can search for homes by city, zip code, school district, and neighborhood. You can also save your favorite properties and receive new listing alerts based on your personalized criteria.