Snowbirds are Back!

Snowbirds are back to Surprise in force already! We love them, they love to buy winter homes, and we know they are only here until June!

Snowbirds, also known as winter residents or vacationers, come to the Surprise, Arizona area during the coldest season for several months to stay far from the snow.

These flocks of winter snowbirds are primarily found in the U.S. states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas.

In Surprise, there is a lot of recent buzz about how snowbirds are coming back with more significant numbers this year already. We know that they come here to escape the cold but most importantly, because they love our Arizona warm weather!

Adult Communities are back in action in Surprise.

Surprise has seen an early influx of snowbirds this year due to the recent good weather. They are coming to enjoy the beautiful weather and activities that Surprise, Arizona offers, such as golfing, softball, hiking, and pickleball.

Surprise, the city of Surprise, Arizona, has seen a significant increase in the number of visitors coming to enjoy the beautiful weather and activities that Surprise has to offer. Local businesses have been preparing for winter by stocking up on supplies to meet the influx of customer demand. Some of these businesses include golf courses, restaurants, and public parks.

Pickleball Courts are zooming!

Pickleball is a popular game across the United States. Surprisingly, Arizona has some of the best pickleball courts in the country. The game is fast-paced and full of opportunities for strategy and creativity.

Snowbirds are back to playing pickleball in Surprise because it has all the amenities they love, including year-round weather and plenty of parks for playing outdoor activities like volleyball or basketball. They also enjoy how affordable it is here compared to other locations. Pickleball isn't just for retirees anymore; it's becoming a popular game among young people looking for something different than traditional sports.

Golf Courses are getting busy!

Many snowbirds come to Surprise for its excellent golfing opportunities. Many golf courses offer great views of the valley and mountain ranges.

For snowbirds, Surprise is the perfect place to stay. Not only does Surprise have everything you need for your winter home, but it offers some of the best golfing opportunities available.

Restaurants are filling up early.

Surprise restaurants are doing well because of the influx of snowbirds and visitors during the wintertime. While these visitors make it difficult for locals to get a table without waiting in line, they help boost sales for restaurants when they can't get reservations anywhere else.

Surprise AZ is getting more popular every year with retirees because people want to visit during the winter but don't want to suffer through the hot temperatures summer brings.

Bottom Line: 

We love to help out Snowbirds find their dream homes in the winter. Call us any time for a free consultation on your home search!


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