Selling A Home Process

Selling A Home Process

If you are looking to sell your home now or eventually, Scott is here to help. We've been in the industry since 2005 and know what it takes to Selling A Home Process - help your get your house sold.

Are you looking to get the most money out of your home? Or are you trying to sell it as fast as possible AS-IS? We can help. We have over 16 years of experience in the field and our team has a proven track record with clients that have been with us for many years, and we appreciate them and you! 

We are always open to walking through a home before you start cleaning up and staging, to help you with what you should do, or what is not an issue in the current market!

Get Your home valuation

A home valuation is an estimation of the market value of a property. It is a comprehensive, unbiased analysis of the property and it provides all the necessary information about the physical, functional, economic and legal aspects of the home/neighborhood. 

We will consider factors such as location, condition of the building materials, size and type of construction as well as surrounding properties when making their assessment. The valuation will include an opinion on how much someone would be willing to pay for your property in its current condition on today's market.

It is important to get a home valuation before you decide to sell your home or purchase another home because it gives you an idea about what you may have in equity, and how to prepare to purchase the next home.

We email you the evaluation and follow up,  a basic evaluation is sent by the site, we call you and find out if you are ready to sell, then we will work on a more comprehensive CMA for you,  or if your 6 months out or more we will just recommend letting the website update you every month with a new evaluation until you are ready.

Get your site generated CMA:

Get Your Market Report

The market report is a cool feature of the site, you set it up by first setting your city, then neighborhood, then set the square feet close to yours with both lowest and highest square feet.  You can set homes with pools or leave it so you know when a home is listed.   Then save the report, and set how often you want to get notified of changes, every month, or every 2 weeks.

The Market report feature keeps you in touch of what is going on with newly listed homes, pending homes and homes sold in the last few months.  You can click on any home on the list to check out photos and compare them to your home.

Getting the home ready for listing it on the MLS

  • First, you want to make sure the flooring is clean and that it looks nice. Second, you want to make sure there are fresh flowers in the house. Third, you want your house to smell nice. Fourth, you want it to feel warm and inviting by lighting candles or using an diffuser. Fifth, take out all of the clutter and make sure there are no dirty dishes in the sink or on counters (or any other place for that matter). Finally, if there's something in your house that needs repair talk to your agent (Scott) then probably get it fixed!
  • Stage Your Home To Sell Great article on staging your home and getting it ready to sell.

  • Get the home ready for a virtual tour and high definition photos
  • Expect a sign person to dig a hole and install a sign post in the front yard
  • Your agent will probably go over the photos and have questions about the listing, and details to include on the MLS.

Getting the home ready for a showing

The first impression of your house is crucial. Even if you are not the one showing the home, what you do before the showings can have a great impact on how buyers will see it. Make sure to start with a clean and organized space.

  • Never, Ever attend the showing.  Instead of a home buyer imagining there personal furniture and items in the home, they become a guest in a strangers home and will be polite and leave as soon as possible.   If you have any complicated items, or systems to explain, this can be done at the final walk through, or sometimes the end of the inspection. 
  • Toilet lids down
  • Pool clear of debris and clear
  • Water Feature on
  • Relaxing background music on
  • Set the temperature cool for summers and warm for the winters.
  • Take any extra cars and park them down the road, make the garage as open as possible.
  • leave a few water bottles on the counter with a thank you for the showing note.
  • leave 15 minutes before the showing
  • Expect at least 25% no shows, this sucks!! But buyers find homes, and write offers.  They also drive by a home if they don’t like the curb appeal, etc. Some buyers agents are efficient and will let you know as soon as possible, some will ghost you.

What to expect when your listing agent presents an offer

When your listing agent presents an offer from a potential buyer, it's important to consider what the offer really represents. If you're not sure if an offer is a fair one, you can ask your agent to help you evaluate it.

When your listing agent presents an offer, you'll be overjoyed and want to sign on the dotted line right away. However, you should take the time to reflect on all of the information that has been presented to you about the property before signing anything.

When a potential buyer presents an offer to purchase your property a few things will happen. The first is that the agent will present the offer to you in order for you to review it and make any necessary changes or a counter offer. If there are no problems with the offer, then your agent will execute a contract and send it tot the buyers agent. The next step is for your managing broker or listing broker to review and approve of the contract, after which it can be executed.

Presenting an offer can be done many ways, normally over the phone after a breakdown of the terms, and the actual offers is emailed to you. Sometimes in person, and sometimes just over the phone. With paperwork on the way.

Selling a homeQuestions to ask your agent when an offer is presented

What offer is the highest (If you have multiple offers)

What offer is the most likely to close on time, or do you think this offer will close on time?

What offer has the most risk to fall out, or what is the chances this offer falls out?

Do you know if the buyer is making offers on multiple homes?

Tell me about the buyers loan situation, did you talk to the lender yet? Are they at risk of not qualifying for a loan for this house?  

Making a decision is not always about taking the highest offer, it is also looking at the likelihood of the offer closing, or closing close to the target close date.

What to do for the inspection

Make sure you don’t turn off the utilities until after the home is sold.  You will need to have the utilities on for the home inspection and the final walk through. 

Set the home up like a showing, lights on blinds open.  The inspector will be opening all the windows.  Make sure the home temperature is comfortable. I would pull the cars out of the garage and make sure there is plenty of roof for the inspector to get to the water heater, furnace, and attic. 

Expect a list of repairs, they will find issues, leaks, wires that need to be covered, toilets that need seals, roof tiles that need to be repaired, windows that have lost seal. Nothing to be alarmed about, they are just doing there job.  The main reason for the inspection is to let the buyer know what they are getting into, and making sure the structure, foundation, and all the expensive major appliances are in good running order. 

Bottom Line:

You have found a place that tries to balance communication, so we are here when you are ready, but we will still let you know we are here now and then.  So if you want an understanding professional with over 16 years of experience selling your home!  You have found the right place.  Contact us and we will be happy to chat about your situation and the real estate market anytime!