Prepare for Home Ownership

Prepare for Home Ownership

Renters are often unsure of what steps to take to prepare for a home purchase, which can be stressful. This is where traditional mortgage lenders come in handy. They offer advice on how to get out of your current lease and other ways to save up for the down payment. The main reason, they will ask you the right questions to see if you qualify now for a VA loan, FHA loan, or a more conventional situation. Otherwise, they will give you advice on how to repair it financially to purchase a home.


Rent prices in Arizona are unstoppable.

Rent in Arizona is at record highs, with the average price of an 800 SF apartment now standing at $1,300 for a one-bedroom.

Rent in Arizona has been on a steady rise for several years, and now the average rent for an 800 SF apartment is $1,300. This means that many residents who used to afford to house now struggle to find affordable living spaces. Renters have no control over rent increases unless they purchase a home with a fixed mortgage.

Another reason to prepare for home ownership

Save now, so you can get out of renting a home.

Have you ever wanted to purchase a home but were unable to? If so, now can be the perfect time to save up money for a down payment. With real estate prices these days, it's tough to find affordable properties, especially in major metropolitan areas. The average home now costs over $450,000, which means the average rental price is $1,300 a month or more!


Work on your credit to get ready to purchase a home.

You might be ready to purchase your dream home, but the need for a big mortgage and improving your credit could put an end to your hopes. One way around this is to work on your credit score to qualify for a better rate, but it's also essential to start planning for the future to get the best mortgage possible. Talking to a lender will help you. They can advise you what home mortgage banks are looking for and what you don't have to worry about on your credit. Don't do this on your own. If you are looking to purchase down the road, we know lenders who can help you.


Low Mortgage Rates are Keeping Higher Priced Homes Affordable

Currently, the average mortgage interest rate for a home loan is just under 3%. What should mean is that with some careful planning, more people can afford some of the priciest homes. This rate trend is likely to continue as long as the national economy shows signs of improvement.

The housing market has seen significant changes over the last few years. Low rates have led to more purchasing opportunities for homebuyers and have allowed people to keep their homes despite high prices. The current average interest rate for a home mortgage is around 3%, which means that more people can afford to buy a home because they don't have to struggle with the high cost of financing these loans.

Affordability of homes 2021


Please read our blog, take a look at homes in your neighborhood, and make a few favorites.  Try checking back every couple of weeks to see if the home prices have gone up, down, or are just holding will help you because if you are in a buyer's market or a steady average demand. Sometimes we can ask the seller to help with some of the buyer's expenses.

Bottom Line 

The team at can help you find your perfect home, whether you are looking for single-family homes, townhomes, condos, luxury condos, or houses for sale. Our real estate agents are professionals in helping first-time buyers understand the market and navigate the process of buying a home. Contact us today!

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