What are you doing today to cut energy costs? 

It is National cut your energy costs day. Set up to bring awareness to consumers. So you can explore your options. Also to do routine maintenance on your home to cut costs.

 Things I have done in the past to cut energy costs, I don't recommend you do these yourself.  Maybe use a contractor or if you are handy go for it. 

  • Updated my appliances to energy star
  • Caulked my windows with clear caulk around the outside to keep the drafts away.
  • Took down all of my A/C registers and sealed them.  
  • Sealed all the holes and cracks around the a/c filter.
  • Put outlet gaskets in all the electrical outlets that are on exterior walls
  • Wrapped my water heater in a insulated blanket
  • Replaced my electric clothes dryer with a gas dryer
  • Installed a ducted Evaporative cooler
    • This keeps my house cold until around July 4th to 8th then I move to A/C
  • Replaced every light bulb in the house with LED bulbs
  • Put on a programmable thermostat and thermo-cool the house during non peak hours
  • Added insulation to the attic

I can get into home projects, so most of these were small projects.  The big project was the evap cooler.  It is not like a traditional setup where it blows out of a giant duct/hole in the hallway.  The Evap unit is now ducted into the a/c ducts and keeps all the bedrooms cool.  This only works in some cities where the humidity is lower.  A friend of mine in buckeye AZ, did a similar set up. His home does not get as many dry enough days per year, but it still saves him a lot of money.  So far the in Surprise AZ, the climate is dry enough for an evap cooler to save energy.  

 It is amazing how much energy you can save if you track your usage.  I started with a big electric bill, unplugged the air compressor in the garage, and the numbers went down.  Then it became a game.  I would try unplugging cordless drill chargers that I left on full time in the garage.  Removed the alarm clock and use my cell phone as an alarm clock. All these little things add up.