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Time To Sell and Move to a New Home?

If you have been in your home for five years or more, you are not alone. The recent data from First American indicates that homeowners are staying put much longer than historical averages.

According to the chart, homeowners are staying put much longer than historical averages. This trend has been seen as a positive as the cost of homeownership has increased. Younger generations have struggled to break into the housing market. However, some believe that this trend could lead to more issues such as overcrowding and increased home costs due to low supply.

A graph of the percentage of home sales by year reveals that before 2008, homes were on average sold after just five years.

The housing market has been changing since the 2008 recession. The graph of the percentage of home sales by year reveals that before 2008, homes were on average sold after just five years. This trend is different from what is happening now and the average age of homes on the market.

Graph of how homeowners have stayed or moved over the years

Due to a housing shortage, people have become stuck living with the same family members for an extended time. Over the last several years, more employees have been staying in a company or working at a job for ten years or more.


Some people move for financial reasons.

The U.S. Census data is the best indicator of where people are moving to for financial reasons.

As of 2016, the top 6 states without a state income tax are Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Nevada, South Dakota, and Washington.

Some people move for financial reasons to avoid state taxes on their income. Some do it out of need, and some do it simply because they want a better quality of life - whether it be the cost of living or the weather they live in.


Some People Move because their current home does not fit their needs.

Many people are looking to move on because their current home does not fit their needs. Some are debating to move on because the house is too small to accommodate all their belongings. Other homeowners are looking to move on because they feel it is time for a lifestyle change.

It is hard to know when it is time for a change. Some people have been moving homes since they were seven years old and have never had any issues with the size of their homes. Others feel that they should move because their kids have outgrown the house or feel like their old home no longer fits them anymore.

Many people debate whether or not it's time to move on. Some say that you should be happy and that moving will never solve anything, but others believe that moving will help!


Some People Move to Cash in on its existing equity.

Although many people are moving on to a new home, it doesn't mean that the current homeowners are going away anytime soon. Many people are still looking to purchase or build a new house near or around their current one.

Some People Move To Cash In On Its Existing Equity: Investors have been looking for ways to invest in Arizona real estate and reap the benefits of real estate's growing popularity. However, many homeowners aren't willing to sell the property they already own for less than what they paid for it, or they are smart and don't sell to I-buyers / wholesale home purchasers, making it harder for investors.

Some people decide to move out of their homes for a better life and financial opportunities. Some people move for fun or as a hobby.

People who live in older buildings might find that they need to move as the building undergoes renovations or structural changes.


If your living needs have changed, it may be time to re-evaluate your living situation. It may be time to sell it and move into a new place that better matches your needs.

Working from home is one example of how needs change. A lot of people recently found out they'll be working remotely indefinitely. If additional space is required, you may want to consider installing a home office on your property. Or find a more appropriate home that has an office with a window.

Many homeowners now choose to sell their homes because of lifestyle changes. Now more than before people are opting to spend more time at home rather than go to work and, as a result, we're spending more time at home. Consider what you need for your new home if you're thinking about selling yours.


Is it financially beneficial to sell your house? Often it is an excellent financial move. 

Homeownership offers several benefits, including the equity you can build over time. If you've lived in your current house for years, you may also not know how much equity you have. Real estate prices have been soaring the last year; You may be more financially better off than you think.

Today's low mortgage rates + equity people able to upgrade for similar payments lead to a significant home-buying boom. Currently, many homeowners are saying they are planning to purchase within the following year.

Other selling options now that our financial markets are more vital than ever, downsizing your home can allow you to enjoy more significant savings. Your equity will help provide a larger down payment and lower monthly costs over the life of your new loan.


For many of us, homeownership is a top priority. Why? Because the benefits of homeownership are enormous.

You get a home that you can customize to your tastes, and there is no rent or landlord to worry about. What's more, once you own your home for years, it will appreciate, and you will have equity in your property that homeowners can use for other things in the future. That's why homeownership is so important - it provides peace of mind, security, and stability in life.

The good news now that things are cooling off a bit is that there are plenty of housing options available when it comes time for homeownership. Whether you want to purchase an existing home or build your dream home - there are options out there for everyone's needs and budgets!


Bottom Line

There are so many benefits to trying to downsize your living situation, but one of the biggest ones is saving money. Another benefit is that you can trade-in your old home for a smaller, more efficient one that will cost less to maintain. If you're thinking about selling, downsizing your property will also make it easier for you to find a buyer in the future. Contact us anytime to discuss the pros and cons of moving in 2021



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