Chart about pricing a home for sale in 2021 - How should I Price My Arizona Home To Sell

In the world of real estate, there is a lot of talk about whether you should price your home high, low, or right in the middle. One of the biggest questions you face when selling your home is how much should I list it for?

Setting the price of a home can be tricky, and there are many factors that go into determining what your house is worth. The main reason to price your home right is so you can sell it without issue.

Before you list your home for sale, consider its unique strengths so you’ll know how to price it to maximize your return. Your home’s appeal is in the details.

Consider what makes your home unique and attractive to a buyer, such as a view or an updated kitchen. This will help you price your home with a competitive edge. Price my home to sell

Has the home been updated and maintained?  Does the home have newer major appliances like the A/C and Heat?  What is the age of the roof?

Your home is more than just a number in a spreadsheet, or a fast online valuation, have us walk through your home, and then chose comparable homes together, we will help with the process. 

Research shows that many home sellers don’t think about pricing until the last minute, and that they tend to lean toward a price based on market conditions rather than on their home’s true value.

Bottom Line

Your home is more than painted walls and a roof. It’s a stage where you’ve lived your life’s plays and a showcase for all that makes you unique. In order to get the full benefit of your home, you need to optimize its best attributes.

That means evaluating how your home rates just like any other good you would buy or sell. How does it rate in the four most important areas that determine market value.  Contact us anytime for a walkthrough.  

To get a good idea of your home’s current market value, we will thoroughly assess the condition of your house and others that recently sold in your area. After we have worked together comparing recent sale you should be able to rest assured knowing you have a good idea of the market value. 

Chart from KCM