Real Estate in Arizona

More and more Arizona home buyers are turning to the internet for a first look at homes.   Narrowing down the Arizona homes that are not the right stats first.  Then the most popular choices are the price range, then bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet.  Buyers then look at the photos, virtual tours and description.

Covid-19 has definitely made narrowing down Arizona homes online first, before looking in person more important then ever.  Sellers don't want un-necessary public traffic in there home. At the same time they want to attract qualified buyers that are looking for the same set-up or floor plan. Home buyers feel the same way, they don't want to set foot in a home unless it somewhat fits before they look at it in person. 

For Arizona home sellers that means that the photos and virtual tours are more important then ever.  A set of photos thrown together from an agents cell phone may get the job done, but not nearly as well as a set of photos done with a camera, a tripod and a flash.  Agents that either take pride in the photos they take, or hire a professional photographer understand the importance of quality photos. 

Sellers that work a little to make the home a little more staged then lived in tend to attract more buyers, and they also sometimes can bring in a few more bucks for the home.  Most important is make the rooms feel open and free of extras.  Make the home look and feel bigger for the photo shoot.

With more sellers working from home, and more sellers home during showings, how do buyers feel? I can tell you that I have never sold a home to a buyer where the seller was home.  That is since 2005!!!!!  I have shown a lot of homes with sellers home. Some excused themselves to the den/office,  some sellers waited in the back yard with the dogs,  I had one seller sitting on the recliner watching the news in a pair of shorts only, the buyer was more mortified than I was. 

Checking out Homes online

When the seller is home, that takes the buyer and transforms them out of buying zone and turns them into a polite guest in someone else's home. They try to make the visit as short and sweet for the seller as possible.  Now they are afraid to open a closet or pantry.  Now the house guest won't ask questions like can we fit our wall unit here and bring out the tape measure. Now they don't walk into the huge master closet.  Sellers that sell for top dollar and fast are normally not there and they let the buyers agent use the lockbox and do there job.

Make a buyer feel like a buyer,  have a copy of the seller disclosures, or the solar lease sitting on the kitchen counter.  Or if you recently had the pool re-done leave a copy of the receipt for review.  If you pride yourself in energy efficiency leave a copy of the last 12 electric bills with the sellers disclosures. 

Open up all the blinds, turn on all the lights, open the pantry, and closets slightly to limit touching and to welcome buyers to look. Make sure the bathrooms smell good and clean.  Air out the home and make sure the a/c is set to a comfortable temperature.  Never turn off the a/c in the summer in Arizona.  That annoys the buyers more than anything.

Bottom Line

Although sellers don't have to work as hard in this market, making a little effort to get the home sale ready will help you get a little more money, and more importantly in these times, it will help get the home sold faster with less traffic.