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March 8, 2021

Are You Ready For A Bidding War?

4 ways to win a real estate bidding war video


4 Ways to Be Ready for a Bidding War

March 4, 2021

In today's competitive market, the average home for sale receives multiple offers. Let's connect to make sure you're fully prepared as ...

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Jan. 21, 2021

3 Reality TV Myths Busted

TV Real Estate TV are full of MYTHS



3 Reality TV Myths Busted

January 21, 2021

Ready to buy a home this year? Let's connect to separate reality from reality TV and make sure your experience is smooth and successful.



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Jan. 14, 2021

Pre-Approval is Key for 2021 Video

Why pre-approval is key to making a strong offer on a home in Arizona


Why Pre-Approval Is Key in 2021

January 14, 2021

Today's Arizona housing market is highly competitive for homebuyers, so it's critical to gain every advantage in the process that you can. Let's connect ...

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Jan. 7, 2021

Buying A Home This Year?

More Home Buyers in Arizona 2021



If you’re ready to buy a home this year, let’s talk. With more houses expected to hit the market later this year, it’s a great time to get set to make a move. DM me if you’re ready to learn more about buying your dream home in 2021 ...

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Dec. 31, 2020

2021 Real Estate Expert Forecast


2021 Real Estate

The Arizona housing market was a shining star in 2020, fueling the economic turnaround throughout the country. As we look forward to good news for Real Estate in 2021, can we expect Arizona real estate to continue showing such promise? Here’s what four experts have to say about the year ...

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Dec. 17, 2020

(Video)5 Steps to Take if You Need Forbearance Relief

Forbearance Help

5 Steps to Take if You Need Forbearance Relief

December 17, 2020

Forbearance programs are helping homeowners manage their monthly mortgage payments right now. Let's connect and follow-up with your lender to make sure you have ...

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Nov. 13, 2020

Video Impact Of Buying A Home 2020

The Economic Impact of Buying a Home

November 12, 2020

When you buy a home, you're making an impact on our local economy. Let's connect today to explore your homebuying options together.

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Oct. 23, 2020

Video | Why Selling your house before next spring is key


Sell Before Spring



Why Selling My Arizona House is Key

  1. It's a sellers market with prices appreciating.
  2. You financial advisor will probably tell you not to pick the top or the bottom of markets.
  3. Experts are ...
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Oct. 2, 2020

How Homeownership Multiplies Your Net Worth

net worth home ownership


How Homeownership Multiplies Your Net Worth

October 1, 2020

Homeowners have a net worth that is 40 times greater than that of renters. Let's connect so we can begin planning your first step toward building ...

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Sept. 3, 2020

Arizona Buyers Be Ready for Bidding War

Arizona bidding war



Why You Need Guidance in a Bidding War

September 3, 2020

Bidding wars are heating up in today's market. Let's connect to make ...

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