Chances are you don't need 20% down to purchase a home in Arizona

The great thing about real estate is that there is a mortgage program out there for most financial situations.  0 down military loans.  VA loans are amazing and a popular choice for military, and past military. First time home buyer programs, FHA loans, and many more that can help just about any person find a way to finance the next home.  

When you decide to purchase a home, best bet is to find a loan person, or ask us for a referral. We can match your current situation to that person.  Also, use a local loan professional, so you are not paying for multiple loan people referring you from one state to another can be expensive.

Low down payment mortgage programs

Very few home buyers put 20 percent down.  Most will do 3.5%, some less, some more depending on if they sell a home and want to roll the equity from one home to another to keep the payment low.

Most lenders will ask for a lot of paperwork, employment information, assets, tax records, etc.  The investors that fund the loans like to lend to people that can afford the home. 

Bad/So So Credit is not always a deal killer

Buying a home with bad credit is not impossible.  We know loan people that are dedicated to helping people repair credit, pay the right things down, or off, or move around credit for a better overall financial picture to get higher credit ratings.   

Don't be afraid to ask, lenders have made amazing things happen, a plan and 6 months of dedication to credit repair have had great results for home buyers with bad credit.

Have Good Credit, Not the Cash To Buy A Home?

Buying a home with good credit opens options for purchasing 2nd homes, investment homes, getting rates that are amazing in 2021.  Some lenders can help with lender fees,  keeping your purchase expenses down, and still getting a fantastic rate can really help financially.

The other great part of good credit financing they have programs that are super low down payment programs, that will really help if you have the credit, not the cash.  Please ask before giving up on the idea of owning a home with low money down. So when you are checking out homes for sale in Surprise AZ,  Feel free to give us a shout, send us an email.  We can match you up with a lender when you are ready.

Bottom Line:

Feel free to contact us if you need a lender, or if you have any questions about real estate.  If you see a home that you like on the website make it a favorite, contact us we love to show homes!